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First time on DanGPU

For starting on the server make sure to read:

First time on server

We wrote a small script which will setup everything for you. Login to the server and run the following command.

sh /maps/projects/dan1/data/Brickman/helper-scripts/

Working with modules

module load miniconda/latest


If you work with conda you can use mamba instead, which is faster tool to install packages.

We created shared conda environments to simplify your life.

  • To list all available envs: conda env list
  • To activate env: source activate brickman

Creating own shared environment

Here is an example how we created shared environment called brickman.

module load miniconda/latest

conda create --prefix /maps/projects/dan1/data/Brickman/conda/envs/brickman python=3.10
source activate brickman
pip install cruft cookiecutter

chmod -R 755 /maps/projects/dan1/data/Brickman/conda/envs/brickman